Tafsir features 

  • 1. The Explanation of what was included in each “surah” in general, before the interpretation of the surah, along with an explanation of the reason for its name and its merit from the most correct of what was mentioned on it as a foreword.
  • 2. The division of Qur'anic verses “Ayat” in one surah into thematic units with clear titles.
  • 3. Providing the reasons for the revelation of the Ayat from the most correct of what was mentioned on it and rejecting the weak ones.
  • 4. The interpretation of each verse “Ayah” separately, taking into consideration its relation to its preceding ones.
  • 5. Relying on the best types of Tafseer, which is the interpretation of the Qur’an using the Qur’an itself, by using the Sunnah, or with the help of the Companions' “Sahaba” statements, especially with regard to the names of Allah, the Exalted and the Majestic, His Attributes, and matters of belief “Aqeeda”.
  • 6. The clarification of Monotheism “Tawheed” matters.
  • 7. Highlighting the concept of Islamic life and Muslim behavioral controls.
  • 8. The explanation of the meanings of the Ayat of rulings based on the deduction of Islamic scholars in jurisprudence books without going into the details of the rulings themselves.
  • 9. Explaining the Qur’anic directives for human life according to the nature of the Arabic language and legal “Sharia” terms, together with mentioning the opinions of reliable scholars and interpreters, honestly accurately as much as possible and shunning fanaticism and partisanship.
  • 10. Quoting the understanding of trusted interpreters and rabbinic researchers of the Holy Qur’an from their Arabic source language to the Chinese language in a way that is consistent with the Chinese reading habits, and in a manner that suits their way of thinking.

Project features

  • 1. Providing a web version compatible with search engines.
  • 2. Providing mobile applications (Android - IOS) that work offline.
  • 3. Providing computer programs (Windows - Mac) that work without internet connection.

Technical features

  • 1. The ability to navigate using the names of the surah and the Ayah numbers.
  • 2. The ability to navigate by using chapters of Holy Qur'an.
  • 3. Audio recitation of the Noble Qur'an in the voice of Sheikh Al-Hudhaifi.
  • 4. The ability of searching in the text of the Holy Qur'an.
  • 5. The ability of searching in the interpretation.
  • 6. The ability to post and share each paragraph of the interpretation.
  • 7. The ability to receive visitor notes about each paragraph of the interpretation.

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المالك لهذا المشروع وقف بصائر لخدمة القرآن وعلومه، وجميع حقوق هذا الموقع والتطبيق محفوظة له، ولا يجوز لأي كيان فردي أو مؤسسي التعديل أو الحذف إلا بالرجوع إلى الوقف، أما نشره وتداوله بهدف غير ربحي فهو متاح للجميع